In this 5 week MASTERCLASS you will:

  • Bring your pelvis, womb and vagina into optimal hormonal and energetic state
  • Learn the most effective pelvic floor training in the world
  • Increase power, frequency and duration of your orgasms
  • Help heal and integrate any heartbreak or sexual trauma 
  • Feel more sensual, sexually connected and confident in your body

"For us as women, it’s incredibly easy for us to disconnect from our own bodies, and experience lot of negativity around our own sexuality, desires, and feelings of pleasure. In a space of few short weeks, I was amazed at the profound changes inside of my own body: It allowed me experience more self-love, grew my self-confidence and made me so much comfortable in my own skin. Jade Egg Programme is an excellent course for increasing sexual pleasure, releasing sexual shame, and boosting confidence in your own sexuality."

Esther Uhlmann

Your Jade Egg Exploration  Guide

Dagmar Khan is women's pelvic floor health and sexuality expert, trained as top 1% sex coaches in the world. 

She works with integrated holistic system, that addresses very deeply both the body and the mind, and in fact effects the ecosystem of women’s entire life.

Dagmar uses the most powerful pelvic floor training, deep relaxation processes and self-massage practices in combination with modern trauma healing and brain-integration techniques, that are designed to help fully restore strength and suppleness in women’s vagina, while unraveling any possible sexual shame and/or trauma.

The results are full vibrant pelvic floor health, enhanced sexual pleasure and vibrancy and women feeling deeply at home in her own body.


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