Discover how a Simple Jade Egg Can Increase Sexual Energy, Create Radiant Self-Love, Remedy Organ Prolapse, Heal Past Trauma and Improve Overall Health and Well-Being.







Women Have Been Enjoying the Health Benefits of the Powerful Jade Egg for Centuries!


What exactly is the Jade Egg?

The Jade Egg is an ancient, sacred tool for deep healing and spiritual transformation.

In fact, the ancients have been using stone eggs to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor and vagina for over 5,000 years!

Empresses and concubines of the Royal Palace of China used Jade Eggs to cultivate sexual power, enhance sensuality and maintain perfect vaginal health into old age.

According to ancient Taoist tradition, a strong vagina and pelvic floor intensifies life-force energy, regenerates the entire body, enhances sexual vitality, increases pleasure, heals past trauma, and prevents incontinence and organ prolapse.


How Does the Jade Egg Work to Train your Pelvic Floor & Vagina?

Here’s why a strong pelvic floor and healthy vagina is so vital to your overall health and well-being……

The pelvic floor is a large group of muscles that form a “diamond’’ at the base of the pelvis; which is designed to support the womb, bladder and rectum.

Pelvic muscles control retention and excretion and are vital for sexual pleasure and strong orgasms.

When these vital muscles become weak, tensed or underused; the life force, also known as “chi” can leak through the pelvic floor and become lost, leading to sexual, health, energy and even emotional problems.

Many factors can put strain on women’s pelvic floor and vagina, including pregnancy, childbirth, aging, surgery, excessive straining, and of course weight gain.

Weakness inside of the deep vaginal muscles is a MAJOR SOURCE of organ prolapse, incontinence and inability to fully control bladder function.

But things that are even less spoken about, is the impact of sexual abuse and trauma, on entire sexuality.

Effect of sexual abuse or rape sets body into a state of trauma. And since trauma gets embedded deep inside of the unconscious mind, it can create tension patterns in different layers of vagina- easily resulting in women suffering from vulvodynia or pain during sex.



Today, The Amazing Jade Egg is Safely Used By Millions of Women For Sexual, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Healing

The sacred jade egg practice is being used by millions of grateful women around the world as an an empowering, healing and liberating tool for their personal evolution.

JADE EGG: TOTAL PELVIC REVOLUTION PROGRAMME is here to up-level your physiology, sexiness and vibrancy!

Working with Jade Egg is not only about building strength and tone……It is also about deep relaxation, sensitization, resolving sexual blocks and healing of nervous system. It offers a life-changing transformation that comes through by doing intentional pelvic floor & vaginal exercises, trusting your body, engaging your sexuality, and offering your body deep self-compassion and love.

In addition, your vagina also has reflexology points along the inside that connect to the heart, spleen, liver, lungs and kidneys.

The Jade Egg stimulates these powerful energy points, which work together to create balance, and improved health, vitality and well-being throughout your entire body.

Working with the powerful Jade Egg teaches self-love through reconnection to your true self, heals and evolves the psycho-sexual, and promotes increased pleasure and joy in your life.



How Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor With a Jade Egg Keeps Your Vagina Healthy!


Working with the Jade Egg maintains your lady bits until so-called "old age".

Jade Egg exercises effectively strengthens the muscular tone of the vagina and pelvic floor, which is why it leads to so many amazing sexual, emotional, spiritual and physical health benefits.

According to Hilda Hutcherson, M.D., professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University, strong pelvic floor muscles makes it easier to experience frequent orgasms with greater intensity, leading to more pleasure.

The Jade Egg also increases the amount of blood flow to your vagina, which leads to increased arousal, lubrication and enhancement of sexual energy.



It Doesn’t Matter How Young or “Old” your body is… or if You’ve Never Used a Jade Egg Before in Your Life!

Women of ALL ages and health conditions can easily, safely and comfortably learn to use the Jade Egg with life-changing benefits. 

obtaining more self-confidence and unapologetically falling in love with yourself Imagine… no longer being controlled by past sexual trauma and grief

feeling more sexy, alive and connected to the essence of who you truly are Imagine… reclaiming your feminine & juicy power in all areas of your life.

have a more fulfilling sex life by being fully in control of your body and sexuality

experiencing beautiful, nourishing and {even} mind-blowing orgasms

being filled with sexy & lusty desire for your partner

becoming sexually vibrant and having epic sexual experiences


I’m here with some exciting news to ensure you receive the most expert training, guidance and support for developing the most successful jade egg practice.

And I’ll share those exciting details with you in a moment….

But first, I’d love to introduce myself……


My name is Dagmar Khan. I’m a women's pelvic floor health and sexuality expert, trained as top 1% sex coaches in the world. 

I work with integrated holistic system, that addresses very deeply both the body and the mind, and in fact effects the ecosystem of women’s entire life.

I use the combination of the most powerful pelvic floor training with Jade Egg, deep relaxation processes and self-massage practices in combination with modern trauma healing and brain-integration techniques, that are designed to help fully restore strength and suppleness in women’s vagina, while unravelling any possible sexual shame and/or trauma.

The results are full vibrant pelvic floor health, enhanced sexual pleasure and vibrancy and women feeling deeply at home in her own body.

My techniques have brought pelvic floor strength, post-partum renewal, regeneration and sexual healing for thousands of women throughout the world.


My Breakthrough Programme, “Jade Egg: Total Pelvic Revolution,” Makes Developing a Jade Egg Practice an Easy, Safe and Comfortable Process for Women of All Ages


The best part? I’ll Be There with You Every Step of the Way So You’ll Never Feel Alone!




  • Working with Jade Egg both prevents and heals issues such as prolapse and incontinence.
  • It adds to the quality of sensations inside of vagina and the ability to feel pleasure.
  • It affects the quality and frequency of orgasms
  • It adds to the general health of the vagina due to a supported nervous system and improved circulation

Inside of Total Pelvic Revolution, you will learn how to do variety of different exercises with the jade egg that are targeted to create strength, muscular tone and even flexibility inside of your pelvic floor and the vagina. 


Through jade egg healing practices, you will be able to release contracted and stagnated energies that might cause you to disconnect from your sexuality and create a rejection of yourself, your body and your beauty.

The clearing of that psycho-emotional space allows the body to reintegrate and come to its natural state of acceptance, love and embracing of sexuality.

Best part? After the healing is done, it is replaced with vibrant, youthful and playful sexuality!


Psychological empowerment around sexuality is super key for women. Inside of this programme, you will reclaim your lustfulness, your desire to experience pleasure and orgasms, your wish to dress sexy to get attention AND deserving to feel protected and safe.

Psychological empowerment allows you to own your sexuality with pride and helps you to feel that your sexuality is for you to enjoy, not someone else. This becomes energy and fuel for life!


The jade egg offers a simple, daily and gentle practice for integrating trauma. Inside of this programme you will learn the trauma integration process which empowers you to continue your healing work on your own.

You will learn and understand trauma healing mechanisms for yourself and to know step-by-step what you can do to liberate and restore your body & sexuality to its original vibrant health.


Psychologically, as you work with the egg at different vaginal depths, it invokes a sense of sexiness into each part as a result of creating connection to different erogenous zones. This can be tremendously healing and empowering, because you will explore how to code deeper parts of your vagina as being areas that can be sensitized to turn-on and sexiness. 


The Jade Egg practices are very nourishing for ageing women to develop to counteract the cultural conditioning that sexuality just goes away. Women in their 60’s and 70’s can be sexually alive and fierce, if they make the transition into wild and unleashed sexuality and sexual flow. This also opens them up to orgasm that isn’t based on friction and biology, but literally an energetic state inside the body. When you cultivate a wild, uninhibited state, your body also stays sexually alive. It can still be stressful and challenging to move through menopause, but with focus on a sexual practice in a certain way, it can allow you to age with a more and more powerful sexuality.

Here’s a breakdown of what each of the comprehensive Jade Egg: Total Pelvic Revolution Programme modules contain:

Module 1 will teach you: 

  • How to improve your understanding of self-love & sexuality

  • Why we as women have to feel loved in order to feel alive & healthy

  • How to understand your sexual brakes and accelerators= and what the mean to your marriage or romantic relationship

  • Why negative conditioning can shut you down sexually

  • How to create ground for sexual vibrancy and thriving

  • A powerful inner smile practice-designed to restore movement of your energy and fill your body with health, vibrancy and enthusiasm.

  • Breast massage- powerful practice for harmonizing your hormones, release of oxytocin {hormone of love and bonding} and enhancement



Module 2 will teach you:


  • Basic understanding of your organ anatomy

  • Powerful activation & training of your pelvic floor

  • Insights into why our vaginas can lose strength or sensitivity

  • The 4 core principles of 'holistic sexuality'

  • Basic jade egg practice- this is like your 'bread and butter' within jade egg practices

  • Resistance jade egg practice- perfect for pelvic restoration, and building greater strength 

Module 3 will teach you: 

  • Basic understanding of trauma- both sexual, but also other forms

  • Introduction to using principles of holistic sexuality to help your body heal

  • Insights how our vaginas ''act as storage''- and how that relates to trauma integration

  • Sexual healing jade egg practice- perfect for resolving cycles of pain  and grief

  • Fresh start jade egg practice- great for creating ''clean state'' in your body

Module 4 will teach you:


  • Profound understanding of whole-body integration

  • How to become comfortable with the most challenging emotions- such as fear, disgust, hatred and shame

  • Insights on a therapeutic principle of PENDULATION 

  • Whole-body integration jade egg practice- perfect for increasing your energy levels, and moving sexual vibrancy all throughout your body

  • 5 senses activation jade egg practice- great for building mind-body integration, and helping you create/be exactly who you want to be


Module 5- orgasmic exploration:

  • No.1 secret to orgasm

  • Blocks to experiencing pleasure

  • How to explore the state of orgasm in deeper ways

  • How to explore the geography of your body in a new way

  • How to use orgasm as nourishment, as something that supports and grounds your system

  • Wild & Orgasmic Jade egg practice

  • Sexy & Surrendered Jade Egg practice


PLUS: I have spectacular BONUSES waiting for you, to help you make the most out of your Jade Egg journey:

BONUS #1: Ball-Tox: Facelift Revolution (€169 Value)

This bonus is all about training your facial muscles with conventional approaches – muscle exercises, stretching and visualization – to naturally tighten, tone and brighten your face; while promoting blood circulation to help you slow the aging process. Best part? You’ll not only gain a more youthful and toned complexion; but due to the profound pelvic floor & jaw relationship you will get greater results with Jade Egg practices.  

BONUS #2: Sleeping Fitness Programme (€99 Value)

Let’s be honest: It is hard to have motivation to look well after yourself; if we are waking up every morning feeling tired & uninspired.With Sleeping Fitness, I will help you to sleep like a baby; all the whole developing a healthy relationship with sleep, and rest peacefully all-night long. 

BONUS #3: 4 LIVE Master Classes with Dagmar (€500 Value)

Dive deeper in the philosophy and understanding of working with the remarkable Jade Egg by joining me in these LIVE incredible master classes!  I will personally cover many different topics, such as using the Jade Egg for optimizing the menstrual cycle, managing menopause, exploring vaginal reflexology and how to go deeper into sexual healing. PLUS: YOU WILL GET AN ABSOLUTE HAND-HOLD by having full access to me throughout the programme, and an opportunity to get personalized coaching. 

BONUS #4: Exclusive membership in my private Facebook group (value priceless)

You’ll meet other like-minded women who are on the same sexual healing path as you are in a confidential and sacred space. 

BONUS #5: Exclusive access to secure member's area on website (value priceless)

I’ll be there to answer any questions you may have while going through the training. You’ll receive my ongoing support, guidance and instruction, so you’ll never feel alone or confused during your training.

TOTAL VALUE: €1497.00

Your Investment: single payment of €247 or 3 payments of €97

3 Super-Easy Options to Join the Jade Egg: Pelvic Revolution Programme:





Entire Total Pelvic Revolution programme

BONUS 1: Facelift Revolution 

BONUS 2: Sleeping Fitness


Secure Member's Area

Private Facebook Group








Your highest quality Jade Egg

Entire Total Pelvic Revolution programme

BONUS 1: Facelift Revolution 

BONUS 2: Sleeping Fitness


Secure Member's Area

Private Facebook Group




€97.00 each

{first billed now, then 2 monthly payment afterwards} 



Entire Total Pelvic Revolution programme

BONUS 1: Facelift Revolution 

BONUS 2: Sleeping Fitness


Secure Member's Area

Private Facebook Group


I love "my women", and I am fully invested in you getting the best results from the programme.

Here is what our Jade Egg: Total Pelvic Revolution graduates experienced:

“In the space of a few short weeks, I was amazed at the profound changes inside of my own body. It allowed me to experience self-love, grew my self-confidence, and made me so much more self-confident in my own skin. Jade Egg Programme is an excellent course for increasing sexual pleasure, releasing sexual shame, and boosting confidence in your own sexuality.”

Esther Uhlmann


“As a result of Dagmar’s warmhearted, expert teaching, I’ve redefined how I’ve set priorities in life. I’ve realized that it isn’t an option to put sexual self-care on the back burner anymore, because with it comes an intimate, rooted relationship between my body and mind that I’ve never known before. My body and mind now work as a unit, freeing me to experience heightened and prolonged sexual intimacy, both on my own and with a partner. What’s more, my quality of life has improved as all parts of living are now rich, vibrant experiences.”

Rosemary Stephanson


“As a result of doing the course, I feel more appreciation for my body, and I know how to connect to my feminine in such a pleasurable way. I’m a huge advocate now in sexual self-care. There is NO shame in getting to know your body and sexual feelings. Jade Egg Programme is an incredible and transforming resource for every woman.”

Kirsten K. Wiegman

Here’s even more great news…

Once you register, you’ll have lifetime access to all the course materials and unlimited future updates + all live rounds; next time around.

There are absolutely no “hidden fees” or additional costs.

Each comprehensive module shows you how to develop a powerful and sustainable jade egg practice, and by the end of the course….

• You’ll experience more self-love, acceptance and joy

• You’ll finally heal from past sexual trauma and emotional issues

• You’ll increase feelings of strength and confidence inside your body

• You’ll experience more love and connection with your partner

• You’ll experience a deeper sense of personal fulfillment each and every day.

• You’ll experience easier, pain-free and more regular menstrual cycles

• You’ll feel increased love for your body and sexuality

• You’ll meet other like-minded women who are on the same healing path as you are

• And beautiful, soul-feeding and body nourishing orgasms ARE THE JUICY BONUS!

Amy Kirwan's Programme Experience:



Remember… You’ll never feel alone while taking my training. It’ll be like having me as your personal coach every step of the way to keep you motivated, inspired and on-track; PLUS you will have a sisterhood of other beautiful women around the globe who are on the same journey.

Your Peace of Mind Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that my Jade Egg: Total Pelvic Revolution Programme will strengthen your pelvic floor and also provide you with other amazing benefits, that I’ve decided to assume all the financial risk! If you’re not completely satisfied with the programme within the next 30 days, I’ll cheerfully refund your purchase price, no questions asked!

The Complete “Jade Egg: Total Pelvic Revolution Programme” is a €1,607 value.


{available TODAY for one payment of €247 without Jade Egg/ €327 with Jade Egg}



I look forward to working with you on your new sexual awakening journey! Right after you complete your payment, you will get an IMMEDIATE access to 1st module, and you will receive a new module of the programme each week afterwards.


See you on the inside. It is going to be an extra-ordinary journey.

Much love and pelvic floor gratitude,


Dagmar Khan.


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