School For Women: Monthly Training & Live Q+A with Dagmar


School For Women is a monthly program designed to help you build a life of lasting heath and happiness.

You and I both know that there are only 2 constant themes in our life: struggle and progress. Over the past 15 years, I have engaged with world class trainers, authors, life-educators and speakers. I did this, and continue to do this, to facilitate the ongoing progress towards building a life filled with passion, purpose, love and intimacy.

It is time for us as women to find our voice, our personal power, and start living life of passion! It is easy to have all the motivation in the world, but if we don’t practice consistent health and happiness habits, well, we can easily end up energized but lost or frustrated. That’s why when I work with my top-level clients, including models, super busy moms, CEO'S and entrepreneurs, I always give them new levels & understanding while equipping them with self-care tools and routines that they can use to move forward in life with greater courage. I basically give them a very unique advantage… proven health & happiness strategies that help them achieve their goals faster- while making the most out of every single day. 

I want to do the same thing for you, but I’m not going to charge you the couple of thousands of €€€ to work with me.  Instead, I’d like to invite you into my School For Women program. It’s an exclusive online program where I will be presenting a new advanced training and health resource every single month. You apply one tool or strategy per month and soon you will experience new levels of aliveness, health and energy at a degree you never even dreamed of.

As part of this monthly online training program, you’ll get my best strategies, and I’ll even give you opportunity to ask me questions, get live mentoring on the call and help you get the support you deserve to work through any challenge. School For Women is a year-long programme {but you pay on a monthly basis and you can cancel anytime}.



MODULE 1:  SELF-CARE + SELF-LOVE-Self-care is essential for taking amazing care of our body, and filling ourselves with building blocks that allow us to experience more joy and lasting happiness in our lives. This module will break down the essence of helping you build higher levels of health, vitality, motivation and resourcefulness- by filling your own cup and heart first!

MODULE 2:  MINDFULNESS + EMBODIMENT- Mindfulness and embodiment {mindfulness in the body} are some of the most fascinating aspects of our existence as human beings. This module powerfully breaks down the effect of mindfulness on your health, your productivity, and your relationships; while simultaneously equipping you with embodied practices for building higher levels of presence and attention in your everyday life.

MODULE 3:  RE-CHARGE: ENERGY ESSENTIALS- Energy- be it mental energy of your mind, physical energy of your body, or emotional energy of your heart- gives birth to everything in your life. Fuel your understanding on how to not only manage your energy, through optimal nutrition, exercise and sleep, but also greatly enhance your energy levels by boosting your sense of agency and greatly improving your self-appreciation.  

MODULE 4:  BUILDING BETTER THINKING HABITS- Re-create better foundations for success, health, happiness and intimacy by restoring your ‘’mental habits.’’ Learn how to think more positively, offer your mind wholesome choices and create self-talk that fuels your mind towards place of lasting well-being.

MODULE 5:  OVERCOMING SELF-DOUBT- Doubting your own skills, or finding yourself unsure about what is the next best step, is what prevents most women from reaching higher levels of their potential. This module will teach you how to effectively deal with self-doubt, understand its message and overcome it on a consistent basis.

MODULE 6 MOTIVATION FOR OPTIMAL LIVING- Motivation is the fuel of all aspirations, goals and ambitions in your life. Learn the secrets of finding the ‘’full charge’’ and the energetic vibrancy within yourself that will allow you to bring your desires to life!

MODULE 7:  CONFIDENCE BOOSTERS- ''Have confidence!" is one of the most essential pieces of advice you'll receive in life that makes no sense if you've never done it. This module will break down roadmap for understanding what you're good at, the value you provide, and acting in a way that conveys this to others.  It will equip with power-strategies that are designed to significantly increase your confidence and your sense of self-worth.

MODULE 8: COURAGE TO LIVE, TO LOVE, TO MATTER- This module represents an ability for living by your own code, which allows you to become more resilient from inside-out. You will learn tools for speaking from your own heart while simultaneously asking; with courage and clarity; for what you truly want. You will build dignity & self-respect that will allow you to feel your experience as you are expressing your authentic truth- to live fully, love with more passion, and start sharing your message in the world.

MODULE 9: LOVE + INTIMACY- Love is the fundamental essence that heals everything. It is the source of all thriving on this planet. This module offers deep dive on what truly brings us happiness, fulfilment and health in all major relationships of our lives. A huge amount of work in this module is about bringing back the magic in your relationships, with attention on intention and daily execution.

MODULE 10: COMMUNICATION MASTERY-Communication is one area where women struggle the most. Anytime we open our mouth, we’re communicating something, and we’re inclining people to feel one way or another about us or the concepts we’re sharing. In this module, we’ll break down how to make our relationships with others remarkable. You will be equipped with powerful strategies to become more conscious about your own thoughts, feelings and intentions, as well as how we behave and powerfully communicate toward others. Whether you are trying to entice your child to do his homework, more meaningfully relate to your spouse and offer something valuable to your client, communication mastery will teach you exactly how!

MODULE 11: CONFLICT SOLVING-Most conflicts could be prevented if we only become better at seeing other person’s perspective. Learn how to navigate your arguments from a relationship point of view, and grow into being prolific at solving conflicts and mastering your communication skills while deepening your relationships with others.

MODULE 12: SERVICE + CONTRIBUTION- Contribution is one of our basic forward human drives. Therefore, as our well-being grows, we are naturally driven to be higher help to other people. The need to serve, help, assist and support is what creates meaning in our lives and continues to build more well-being inside of ourselves.  You will learn how to tap into your natural lovingness and boost your compassion, while actively apply the growth of this programme and become bigger presence in the world.


As part of this monthly online training program, inside of each module you’ll get:

  • Powerful Lecture on specific topic {as described above}
  • Practice video
  • Epic coaching call
  • Incredible suppport inside of our community.
  • All of the material {+ bonuses} will be inside of your members area for you to access for a lifetime.


The next level of health, energy, love and happiness in your life will come from applying new tools & strategies every day of your life. So let’s get you signed up! This is a unique on-line school with world-class standards of learning, available to you and at your fingertips, and I’m here to take you through each step with love, to guide you into your personal power, to up-level your levles of motivation and courage and help you become a bigger presence in the world just by expanding your own world. 


You can cancel anytime by emailing us at [email protected]  Let's get you on the path of lasting health and happiness. Sign up now.


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